EnditAll and Windows 7?

Ryan inquires:

Back in the Windows XP days I used a little utility called EndItAll. If my XP computer was acting up, at a press of a hotkey this utility would go to work
and close all preconfigured running applications. I really, really miss such a utility in Windows7 and hope you might be able to either explain how I might
install EndItAll for 32bit Windows on my Windows7 64bit machine, or you might know of a similar modern day utility that will run problem free on Windows7.
I’ll be on the lookout for your great feedback!

It would appear, Ryan, that EndItAll works on all versions of Windows, including Windows 7 64-bit. You’ll likely need to run it as an administrator. See:


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EnditAll and Windows 7? — 2 Comments

  1. Hi PC Inquirer,

    Thanks for the EndItAll2.0 information. It is now running just fine on my Windows7 64bit machine.

    The initial install went just fine with a little jaws mouse cursoring.

    The actual configuration of the application once installed was a bit tricky and called for lots of experimenting but configuring EndItAll is very doable. There’s lots of right clicking to be performed to get at the options.

    When all protected apps are configured you can create a hotkey to launch the app. You can then press Alt + Shift + letter C to gracefully close any misbehaving apps, or you can press Alt + Shift + letter K to kill all misbehaving apps.

    Thanks for the encouragement to install this app!


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